Gynaecology Service - Rapid Access

Consultation and investigations in one visit, results within 7 days.

Mr Alan Gillespie is a Consultant in Gynaecology and Gynaecological Oncology.  Gynaecological Oncology is a very specialised area of medicine focussing on investigating, diagnosing and ruling out gynaecological cancers.  An urgent referral for this type of problem in the NHS is usually 2 weeks but ladies can now be seen within 2 working days privately at Claremont.

The type of cases Mr Gillespie sees include bleeding in-between periods, post-menopausal bleeding, suspicious lesions, unusual pelvic mass or other abnormal vaginal bleeding.  These symptoms do not automatically mean cancer is present and most of the time ladies just want investigations carried out as quickly as possible to put their mind at rest. 

The beauty of this service is that all investigations are carried out in one visit to the clinic and your results will be available at a follow up consultation with Mr Gillespie within 7 days.


Mr Gillespie's Rapid Access Clinics run on a Tuesday evening, Thursday evening and Saturday morning.  When you book your appointment with our friendly Private Patient Team, you will be advised that all investigative procedures are carried out at your first appointment so it is advisable to bring a friend or relative with you to offer support and perhaps take you home afterwards.  *You will also need to bring your GP referral letter with you, if we haven't already received it in time for your appointment.*

You will have a full consultation with Mr Gillespie to review your medical history and discuss what symptoms you are currently experiencing.  During the consultation, Mr Gillespie will decide what investigative procedures are necessary and fully explain them to you.  A nurse will then take you through to our Minor Procedures Room.  A nurse will be with you throughout the procedure to offer support.


The service is also available to women who perhaps just want a cervical smear, coil implant/removal or sexual health tests such as Chlamydia screening.  Mr Gillespie also welcomes ladies with general gynaecological problems.


An initial 45 minute consultation with Mr Gillespie is £250 plus procedure costs which range from £74-£876.  All prices can be easily obtained from our Private Patient Team by calling 0114 263 2114 or emailing  Payment will be politely requested on the day of appointment.  We accept cash and all major credit/debit cards apart from American Express.

Privately insured patients are also very welcome to access the service.  Please seek authorisation from your insurer prior to attending your appointment as your authorisation number will be requested on the day of attendance.

Unfortunately, this service is not available to NHS Choose & Book patients.

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