Abnormal Liver Blood Test? Dr Amer Al-Joudeh answers your FAQs….

Dr Amer Al-Joudeh, Consultant Hepatologist
Claremont Clinics: Tuesday evenings 
What is liver blood test?
It is a group of markers that the liver and bile duct tissue produce measured in the blood stream.
What does abnormal liver blood test mean?
It means that the liver and/or bile ducts are over producing certain markers that we can measure in the blood as a response to a problem or illness affecting them.
Is abnormal liver blood test serious?
This answer depends on which one of the tests are abnormal and how abnormal they are.  In the majority of people with mildly elevated liver blood tests, the condition is not serious but does need assessment from a GP or specialist.
What are the most common causes for abnormal liver blood test?
In northern Europe, the most common cause for abnormal liver blood tests are;
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Alcohol excess
  • Medications
  • Viral hepatitis
  • Stones in the bile duct.
What should happen after finding out I have abnormal liver blood tests?
Your GP or hospital specialist will ask you questions, examine you and sometimes arrange more blood tests and scans to reach an explanation for your abnormal liver blood test results.
What are the possible treatments?
That would depend on the cause. It could be simply changing one of the tablets you are taking, changing life style (losing weight or cutting down alcohol) or more complex therapies that needs expert assessment. For example, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).
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Date: 14/02/2017
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