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Welcome to the Claremont Cares Health Blog


Dear Reader,
Welcome to the Claremont Cares Health Blog, a new section of our website where we are excited to bring you the latest news and updates from our outstanding-rated hospital.

In this new blog, you can expect to find new FAQs, advice and tips from our world-renowned Consultants, updates from our staff and information from the management team on developments at Claremont. Like our hospital itself, we hope it to be a place where you can receive expert advice and information to improve your health and lifestyle – but also a place to learn more about our work and the brilliant people behind the scenes. Whether you’re a patient who will soon be joining us at Claremont for treatment or this is the first time you’ve come across website and services, our new blog will have something for everyone.

At Claremont, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional healthcare to our patients. From world-class orthopaedic care for all manner of common hip, knee, shoulder and spinal problems to specialist ophthalmology services for eye complaints, all our procedures are carried out by qualified and highly experienced Consultants. We also offer a wide range of cosmetic surgery treatments and specialist weight loss surgery options, undertaken by leading experts in their respective fields. For all our services and treatments, patients receive high-quality personalised care, and we are extremely proud to be rated Outstanding by the CQC, the health regulator in England.

Over the past year, our work has continued against the unique backdrop of a global pandemic. I am proud to say that Claremont rose to the challenge of Covid-19, helping to support the NHS and our local communities. Since March 2020, Claremont has overseen more than 15,000 NHS patient interactions including vital scans, time-critical operations and outpatient appointments. At Claremont, we can be proud of the part we are playing in during these uniquely challenging circumstances, and I am extremely grateful to our team for the brilliant work they have done, and continue to do.

As the country begins to open up, I would like to encourage anybody who may have delayed seeking treatment due to the pandemic to see a specialist. We offer minimal waiting times and quick access to scans, examinations and other medical investigations, and would be happy to welcome you to Claremont for a consultation with one of our experts. Options are available for people with health insurance as well as those who wish to fund their treatment – you can find more information on our website:

Crucial to Claremont’s success in recent years has been our work to nurture a happy and caring workplace. In addition to the wellbeing initiatives we have introduced over the years for staff, in 2021 we launched our new monthly Health and Wellbeing newsletter, containing tips on how to stay well, information on our book clubs, photo competitions, plus much more. I am pleased to report that these initiatives have been warmly received by the Claremont family, and we will continue to review our wellbeing initiatives to support our workforce, particularly following such a tumultuous and challenging year for us all.

As I wrap up this introductory blog post, I would like to invite you to read the blogs we have published this week. You can read about common hand and wrist injuries by Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Tim Halsey, learn about normal bowel habits and what could explain any changes in an article by General and Colorectal Surgeon Mr Peter Goodfellow, or read the compelling personal insights of our Patient Services Administrator, Craig Short. I hope you enjoy reading these varied and interesting posts as much as I did.

We will be updating our blog on a regular basis, so do check back for new content. We’d also like to hear your thoughts and views on our blogs. The best way is by engaging with us on social media via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn – so please do give us a follow and get involved. We would love to hear from you.

Andrew Thornton
Hospital Director, Claremont Private Hospital

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