Consultants offering revolutionary new implant at Claremont

Sheffield Foot & Ankle Centre Consultants Mr Chris Blundell and Mr Mark Davies are now offering the new Cartiva implant at Claremont Private Hospital on Sandygate Road, Crosspool.

The Cartiva implant can help chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis where the cartilage of the big toe becomes damaged, which can cause symptoms including stiffness, decreased range of motion, toe pain and swelling.

Cartiva is made of a hydrogel polymer and has been developed for patients that have not responded well to conservative medical treatments or are unwilling/unable to accept the lifestyle modifications required for more invasive procedures.

Andy Davey, Hospital Director said “We welcome exciting new treatments at Claremont and Cartiva offers another choice for foot and ankle patients that may have exhausted other treatment options.”

For more information about Cartiva, visit

To make an appointment with Mr Blundell or Mr Davies, please contact Claremont Private Patient Team on 0114 263 2114.


Date: 07/10/2014
By: technical