Diana’s story. “I’m just an ordinary working person, who made a sensible financial decision.”

Certainty and confidence in care at Claremont

High quality care, certainty and confidence were just a few of the benefits enjoyed by Diana when she chose Claremont Private Hospital for her operation, bringing weeks of pain and worry to an end.

Diana is now going back to work 2 months after her operation and is delighted with the care she received.

She said: “It was such a relief to meet my consultant Mr Khaled Farag – he gave me interim treatment before my operation and I felt really confident once I had seen him; he took away any embarrassment I felt, and gave me plenty of information about what I would be able to do after the operations, so I could plan ahead. He was just excellent.”

Diana’s problems began on holiday in Somerset in February this year. She said: “I knew something was wrong but I just thought I had an infection. I was eventually given antibiotics after going from pillar to post, and when I got home, I went to my own surgery. I was told I could not be seen because the nurse had gone home, so I went to another doctor, where I was seen and they said they would send a letter to my own surgery. When it had not arrived two days later, I made enquiries about private healthcare.”

Having called Claremont, Diana was then able to see Mr Farag, Consultant Gynaecologist just 2 days later. She said: “I went to the hospital and he was absolutely lovely.  He explained everything and I was able to schedule the operation to fit in with work and my holidays.  The information he gave me meant I could plan for my return home afterwards – I could do simple things, like doing an internet shop beforehand and moving things from cupboards I would not have been able to reach in the first few weeks afterwards.”

Diana spent 4 days at Claremont, where she appreciated both the quality of the surroundings and of the care. “I cannot fault the nurses,” she said, “who were excellent and so kind. Nothing was too much trouble for them. Everyone was kind – even the anaesthetist was really friendly and put my mind at rest.”

Diana has since been back to the hospital twice for follow-up appointments – she would now not hesitate to consider private treatment in the future. She said: “I’m just an ordinary working person, who made a sensible financial decision. It offered consistency and certainty – the care was excellent and I would definitely consider it as an option in the future.”

Date: 07/08/2015
By: technical