Self pay patients

Claremont Private Hospital has been offering exceptional healthcare to patients for over 65years. We welcome patients who wish to fund their own treatment as well as insured patients.

What is Self-Pay?

Self-Pay is the option to pay for your own treatment which allows you quick access to high quality treatments with little or no wait time and without the need for private insurance. Paying for your own treatment also allows you the freedom to choose the Consultant who will look after you. At Claremont Private Hospital, Self-Pay prices are available for all our tests and treatment, allowing you to fund your own treatment

When can you choose to pay for yourself?

Many patients choose to pay for their own private healthcare and it is particularly helpful when:

  • You want to see a doctor of your choice now and not wait for treatment
  • Your treatment is not covered by the NHS
  • You are on a waiting list and would like to be treated quicker and at time that is convenient to you.
  • You don’t have private health insurance
  • You are not eligible for NHS funded care

Whether you have an ongoing healthcare concern, are waiting for NHS treatment, or simply want a second opinion, you can access specialist care now. Our specialist consultants set their own fees but on average this costs will range between £150-350.

For more information please call our Private Patient Team on 0114 263 2114.

Claremont accepts cashless payments only

Please note Claremont Private Hospital does not accept cash payments for any procedures, including consultations, diagnostics tests and treatment costs. We accept payments by cheque, banker’s draft, and credit card or debit cards. Payment must be received in full prior to admission. For further information please contact Hannah Lewis Finance Director: or call 0114 299 6533.