“I don’t look like the Elephant Man anymore”. Micky’s story.

Claremont patient Mr Micky Goodridge tells us what he’s been harbouring for 5-10 years and didn’t even know it.

Before Surgery                                        After Surgery

When Micky Goodridge started experiencing chronic stomach pains in May 2015, he went to see his GP.  Following all sorts of scans, tests and consultant referrals, nothing was showing up.  A course of antibiotics later and a referral to a different consultant, his abdominal pain seemed to subside.

During his next consultation, his consultant happened to notice something odd about his neck.  “Has your neck always been like that?” the consultant enquired.  Micky relayed that he did have a lump in his throat and was having some trouble looking down but he hadn’t linked the symptoms of stomach pain to it.  The consultant suggested he see an ENT Surgeon as soon as possible.

“I get health insurance with Vitality Health through my job” Air Export Manager Micky explains, “So I went online to do my research and find myself the best ENT specialist I could, I kept seeing Mr Olarinde’s name so got the referral letter from my GP to see him privately at Claremont.  I’m so glad I did.”

Following tests at Claremont recommended by Consultant ENT Surgeon Mr Wale Olarinde, it transpired that Micky had been growing a remarkable benign goitre across his throat for 5-10 years.  Following a 4 hour operation at Claremont, Mr Olarinde successfully removed the goitre.

“I look normal again.” Micky explains.  “I don’t look like the Elephant Man anymore.  I just thought I’d been working out too much and had a fat neck because of it.”

Mr Olarinde says “This was an interesting case for me and the largest goitre I have removed in the UK.  I’m glad to see Micky on the road to recovery and wish him and his family all the best.”

“The care I have received from both Claremont and Mr Olarinde has been first class and I am extremely thankful to everyone for taking such good care of me. Mr Olarinde and the Claremont team even brought my surgery forward by a week so I was not in hospital for my birthday and allow more recovery time for our forthcoming family holiday!” Micky says.

He is now making a full recovery under the watchful eye of his lovely wife Donna.  Donna says “It’s good to see Micky getting back to his old self.  We were lucky to find Mr Olarinde and Claremont.  We live in Derby but distance wasn’t an issue for us, it was more important that he saw the right consultant at the right hospital.  I stayed in a local hotel so even managed to do a little shopping while he recovered!”

Date: 06/10/2015
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