Knee Problems

The knee can be injured during a trauma or by a musculoskeletal disease that affects the ligaments, tendons and cartilage. Problems that can result from this can include discomfort, dealing with a reduced range of movement, stiffness, swelling, locking of the knee joint, instability or a change to your gait. You might even hear a clicking sound coming from your knee joint.

Minimising disruption

Any one of these problems can make it harder to go about your daily activities, as well as impede your enjoyment of sports or hobbies. For these reasons, it is critical that one seeks specialist advice and possibly conservative or surgical treatment.

Whatever your symptoms may be, we can offer comprehensive and specialist diagnostic tests, advice and treatment (if necessary) for every type of knee condition including dislocation of the knee cap, ligament or cartilage injury and different types of arthritis.

Our highly trained orthopaedic specialist physicians, orthopaedic nurse specialists and knee surgeons are renowned in their area of expertise. They can offer reassurance and support while seeking medical or surgical treatment.

Our services include fast, point-of-care diagnostic imaging or screening of your knee with the view to an early diagnosis. This may include using the very latest Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanning facilities and ultrasound or conventional X-rays.

To ensure accurate diagnosis we can use minor diagnostic procedures to assist. This arthroscopy involves using a tiny telescopic camera which is inserted into the knee joint to obtain a clear picture of the problem.

Once a diagnosis has been made, our orthopaedic physicians and surgeons may recommend any follow-up treatment that may be needed. These include physiotherapy, conventional management, or advanced surgical techniques such as keyhole surgery, joint replacement or joint preservation surgery.

Our team also works very closely with our musculoskeletal physiotherapists to help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

We treat all kinds of knee problems and injuries at Claremont – not just the problems and injuries you may have read or heard about. If you have any further questions we look forward to hearing from you.

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