New Sheffield clinic to battle prostate cancer

Claremont Hospital has set up a special clinic to help combat prostate cancer which kills more than 10,000 men in the UK every year.

The new facility at Claremont Hospital, on Sandygate Road, Sheffield, focuses on early identification of the disease, particularly in men who are most at risk because of family traits.

Mr Bohdan Parys, consultant urologist at Claremont, said: “We want to reach people who are at risk – if, for example, your father had prostate cancer, you have four times the risk and this increases to eight times the risk if a brother has the disease and 32 times if both a father and brother are affected.

“There are more than 32,000 new cases a year of this particular form of cancer and our aim is to pick it up early.”

Recent research by Cancer Research UK revealed a predicted increase in the lifetime risk of prostate cancer from five per cent in 1990 to just over 14 per cent in 2015.

The increase is largely due to more men undergoing tests for PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen), the blood marker for the disease.The research also showed that men are being tested at a younger age.

Mr Parys added: “In terms of beating the disease, early diagnosis is so important and our clinic will therefore place great emphasis on this.”

The specialist Claremont clinic offers a consultation, examination, the PSA test and also a MSU (mid stream urine) test. There is also a mechanism to proceed to scan and biopsy or cystoscopy if required.

Mr Parys advises that some of the prostate cancer symptoms to look out for include difficulty passing urine, increased frequency, poor control and poor stream.

For more information on the new prostate clinic including costs, please contact the Private Patient Team on 0114 263 2114 or click here for more information.

Date: 17/04/2018
By: technical