Keyhole (laparoscopic) hysterectomy. Mr Mostafa Metwally answers the FAQs...

Mr Mostafa Metwally, Consultant Gynaecologist
Claremont Clinics: Tuesday PM


What is Laparoscopic Hysterectomy?
Laparoscopic hysterectomy is removal of the uterus using keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery rather than open surgery.

What does laparoscopic hysterectomy involve?
The uterus is removed using a few small cuts (incisions) rather than a large incision which is used for conventional open hysterectomy.  The procedure is performed using a camera inserted through a small cut in the umbilicus.

What are the advantages of laparoscopic over conventional hysterectomy?
Because the incisions are much smaller than open surgery, there is less trauma associated with the surgery.  This means less pain after the operation and quicker recovery.  The average recovery time for a laparoscopic hysterectomy is about 2 weeks compared to 6 weeks for an open hysterectomy.  Furthermore, because laparoscopic hysterectomy is associated with small incisions and less trauma, there is less chance of traumatising nearby structures such as the bowel or bladder, which again means quicker recovery and less scarring.  Finally of course the cosmetic results of laparoscopic surgery are better than open surgery.

What are the commonest indications for laparoscopic hysterectomy?
The commones causes for laparoscopic hysterectomy are the same as for any hysterectomy; heavy periods, pelvic pain, endometriosis and fibroids.

Can all hysterectomies be performed through keyhole surgery?
Most hysterectomies can be performed laparoscopically; however as with any other surgical procedure, sometimes open surgery is better.  For example, if there is a very large fibroid, it may not be possible to remove it laparoscopically.  However, in many cases the technique can be modified to deal with such cases.

After having a laparoscopic hysterectomy when would I expect to go home and when can I get back to my usual activities?
You would expect to go home the next day and should be quite mobile straight away but as with any other surgical procedure there is a period of initial recovery when the wounds heal and things settle back to normal, this is around 2 weeks.

An initial consultation with Mr Metwally is £200 and a laparoscopic hysterectomy costs £5,141 at Claremont if you don't have health insurance.  To book an appointment with Mr Metwally, just call our friendly Private Patient Team on 0114 263 2114.  You will need a referral letter from your GP or you can see one of our Private GPs quickly for this if you prefer.

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Date: 18/01/2017
By: Laura Penn
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