Claremont Unveils New 6-Bay Daycase Unit and 2 New Consulting Rooms

Claremont Private Hospital, part of the Aspen Healthcare Group is delighted to announce the opening of it’s brand new 6-bay daycase unit and 2 new consulting rooms.

Over £5M has been invested into Claremont since Aspen Healthcare took over in 2012 and other completed projects so far include the opening of the first new deluxe private inpatient bedroom with more opening in 2016, a stunning new main reception, refurbished theatres and a new restaurant open to all.  Work will shortly begin on the outpatients waiting area and pharmacy.

Andy Davey, Hospital Director says “Aspen Healthcare continue to invest millions into Claremont and all these improvements are for the good of the hospital, patients, consultants and staff alike.  2016 will continue to see more completed investment works so we can continue to deliver the best healthcare we possibly can.”


New 6 Bay Daycase Unit

New 6 Bay Daycase Unit

New 6 Bay Daycase Unit - Individual Bay

6 Bay Daycase Unit - Toilet Facilities

1 of 2 New Consulting Rooms - Outpatients

Date: 23/03/2016
By: Laura Penn
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