Hand & Wrist Problems

Almost everything we do every day requires the use of our fingers and movement of the hand and wrist. The 19 bones of the hand and the 8 of the wrist are connected and moved by a network of ligaments, muscles and nerves and are covered by very specialized skin.

This structure allows an amazing range of strength, dexterity and precision. Few areas of our body are as complex or subject to the same level of stress and strain. It is little wonder that pain and problems with the wrist and hand are such a common complaints.

If you are experiencing pain, tingling or loss of function in your hand or wrist then we are here to assist. We can offer an exhaustive range of expert orthopaedic treatment for all kinds of wrist and hand problems. Our team of orthopaedic specialists, physiotherapists and surgeons are renowned for their expertise and can offer you all the support you need throughout every stage of your care.

Our services available include a range of imaging technology to ensure a fast and effective diagnosis of your problem. This may include using the very latest MRI scanning facilities, ultrasound or conventional X-rays.

After a diagnosis has been made, our expert surgeons will discuss the next stages of your treatment with you.  This may include non-surgical options such as medication, splintage or physiotherapy through to surgery (including minimally invasive surgery) to treat conditions such as arthritis, ligament tears, bone fractures, ganglion cysts, Dupuytren’s disease and carpal tunnel syndrome just to name a few of the many treatable conditions that affect this region of the body.

Following surgery, our musculoskeletal physiotherapists and occupational therapists are available to help you recover and regain function as quickly as possible allowing you to get on with your life and work.

At Claremont Private Hospital we can treat all kinds of hand & wrist problems, including many more than have been mentioned here. So if you cannot find what you are looking for, then please call us to talk more about your individual needs. We look forward to hearing from you.