Our Advice - The Next Steps

More and more people are opting to have cosmetic surgery. But, it is not a decision which should be undertaken lightly. It is your body and any decision to have cosmetic surgery should be yours alone, following consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon. We recommend visiting The Department of Health’s website for detailed, unbiased advice and information to help you make an informed and educated decision.

It is a good idea to talk to your GP beforehand, not only will they be able to give you general advice about surgery but they can make sure that, with your permission, any important information about your medical history is passed to your cosmetic surgeon.

We recommend you book a no-obligation consultation with one of our plastic surgeons; the cost of this is £150. At Claremont Private Hospital your consultation will be with the cosmetic surgeon who would actually carry out the procedure. It is important to be honest when you meet the surgeon, so that they can give you the correct advice about whether the procedure will achieve the results you want. This is an opportunity to discuss all the options and the procedure itself, including what will happen, how long it will take, how long the results will last, whether there will be any scars and any risks.

Feel free to bring photographs with you of the results you would like but remember that everyone is different. Your cosmetic surgeon will discuss your requirements and provide honest advice on the outcome which can be realistically expected. Also read as much as you can about the procedure or treatment you are interested in having. Also try to talk to people who have had the procedure that you are considering.

Following your initial consultation you will be provided with a written quote, clearly explaining what is included in the price. After talking to the surgeon you may decide to go ahead with the procedure but you will not be into making a decision - take as much time as you need. If you decide to go ahead, simply call us on 0114 263 2114 and we can book your treatment for you at a time that fits in with your other priorities and commitments.

Follow-up consultations depend on the type of procedure you have had, but your consultant will advise you if and when you need to come back to the hospital. You will also be given contact information so you can contact the hospital or consultant for advice and support should you need to after leaving hospital.

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