Patient video testimonials

Patient Video Testimonials

In the following interviews, patients share their experiences of their Consultant and procedures that they have had at Claremont Private Hospital. We would like to express their gratitude to the patients who have given up their free time in order to film these testimonials. Just click the link on the patient’s name to watch their video testimonial…

What do our patients think about Claremont?

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Speciality Procedure Consultant Patient Video
Bariatric / Weightloss Weightloss Surgery Mr Roger Ackroyd Mark
Bariatric / Weightloss Weightloss Surgery Mr Roger Ackroyd David
Cosmetic Surgery Cheek Lift & Upper Blepharoplasty / MACs Facelift Mr David Dujon Janet
Cosmetic Surgery Breast Enlargements with Teardrop Implants Mr David Lam Hannah
Cosmetic Surgery Breast Uplift with Implants / Upper Eyelid Reduction (Blepharoplasty) Mr Andrew Morritt Dawn
Cosmetic Surgery Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Mr Andrew Morritt Sarah
Cosmetic Surgery Breast Reduction Mr Andrew Morritt Helen
Cosmetic Surgery Blepharoplasty Mr Sachin Salvi Elizabeth
Gynaecology Gynae procedure Mr Alan Gillespie Sarah
General Surgery Hernia Repair Mr Peter Goodfellow Anna
Ophthalmology Bilateral Cataract Surgery & Ectropion Repair Mr Sachin Salvi Pamela
Ophthalmology Cataract Surgery Mr Sachin Salvi Izle
Urology Vasectomy Reversal Mr Zahir Abbasi Darren
Orthopaedics – Knee Total Knee Replacement Mr James Stoddard Jamie
Orthopaedics – Shoulder Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair Mr Amjid Ali Jayne
Orthopaedics – Knee Atlas Knee System (knee joint load absorber) Mr Alexander Anderson Peter
Orthopaedics – Shoulder Shoulder Replacement Mr Richard Bryant Jane
Orthopaedics – Hip Total Hip Replacement Mr Simon Buckley Ann
Orthopaedics – Spine Lumbar Microdiscectomy Mr Ashley Cole Terrence
Orthopaedics – Ankle Ankle Ligament Repair Mr Mark Davies Sonal
Orthopaedics – Hip Total Hip Replacement Mr Robert Kerry Jane
Orthopaedics – Knee Total Knee Replacement Mr Paul Sutton Alan
Orthopaedics – Hip Bilateral Total Hip Replacement Mr Sanjeev Sharma David
Orthopaedics General Orthopaedics Sheffield Orthopaedics Ltd (SOL) Case Study


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