Brow Lift

Take Off Years With Eyebrow Lift Surgery

It is most common in men, but some women suffer from a drooping brow as they get older as well. As the muscles in the face begin to relax as the years go by, this can lead to the brows descending down the face and creating an ‘overhang’. Botulin Toxin  is one temporary method of reversing this effect, however brow lift surgery is more permanent.

Heavy brows and deep-set forehead lines can be fixed with brow lift surgery, which works by lifting and smoothing the forehead for a younger, brighter and lighter appearance.

For the majority of cases, the procedure can be done via small incisions in the hairline. For some men, the incisions can be made in the brows themselves resulting in well-hidden scars.

What to expect during the procedure

It takes place under general anaesthetic. The surgeon will make small, hairline incisions and use a scalp incision or endoscopic technology to tighten the forehead skin and muscles.

How long do the scars take to heal?

It differs from patient to patient, but usually the scars will be almost totally faded within a few weeks.

How much bruising or swelling will there be?

Generally there is some swelling, but bruising can be minimal to non-existent. If you do experience some discomfort you need only use an ice pack or painkillers.

Can I have a Face Lift as well?

Yes – brow lift surgery can be performed alongside face lift surgery and Blepharoplasty (eye lid surgery). The latter two surgeries take place in the lower two thirds of the face, whilst brow lift surgery focusses on the forehead and temples.

How long will it be before I can wash my hair?

Generally only a couple of days will need to pass before you can wash your hair, but always ask your surgeon for advice.

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