Facial Peels

Over time, most of us will begin to notice that our skin becomes rougher and more fine lines and wrinkles appear. While this is an inevitable part of the ageing process, there are some things that you can do to reduce these negative effects.

One way to do this is by having a chemical facial peel. This non-surgical treatment works by removing the skin’s damaged outer layer to unveil fresher, smoother skin underneath. If you are concerned about other signs of ageing – such as liver spots or pigmentation – then facial peels can help to reduce those, too.

The procedure

For the procedure itself you will be treated by a fully qualified member of our team – either a Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon or Consultant Dermatologist. They will talk you through your options, as there are a number of peel strengths available depending on how much improvement needs to be made – although options may be limited if you have very pale or very dark skin.

You can choose to have either a full facial peel or treat one or two specific areas. The procedure will take approximately 20 minutes; however, in the majority of cases we would recommend a course of treatments.


You will find that your skin feels hot and red immediately after the treatment, then dry and flaky three to five days afterwards. But don’t panic: this is a normal reaction and shows that the peel has worked to remove the outer layer of dead skin. You can cover the peeling with a thick moisturiser, and we will of course recommend ways to care for your skin at home – such as using high-factor sun protection.