CT Scan

State of the art CT Scanning in our brand new multi-slice scanner. Quicker scans, more comfortable, shorter appointment times

What is a CT scan?

CT stands for Computerised Tomography which is a specialised x-ray examination linking an x-ray scanner to a computer to produce cross-sectional detailed images of the body.

What happens during the CT scan?

You may be asked to undress and put on a gown. The staff will ask you to lie on the table and keep very still as any movement will spoil the scan. The CT table will move you into the scanner which is shaped like a polo mint.

Do I have an injection for my scan?

For some scans we need to give you a small injection of x-ray dye which outlines the blood vessels making you feel warm for a couple of minutes. You will be asked some questions prior to this. During the scan you will be cared for by a Radiographer and a Radiology Assistant.


The images will be examined after your visit by a Consultant Radiologist who will send a written report on the findings to your GP.

Please tell a member of staff if you have had a similar scan recently or if you are a woman who is or might be pregnant.