Sports Injury and Medicine

At Claremont Private Hospital we are dedicated to helping you recover from sports injuries. Our team of sports physicians are experts in their fields and can offer rapid assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Whether you are an elite athlete or just enjoy sports in your spare time, our experts can advise on a wide variety of sports and exercise-related injuries. We understand that the sooner you are able to get back to the level of fitness you were at before your injury, the better. Our role is helping you achieve this and minimising the impact your injury has on your life.

Consultation, diagnosis and treatment

With a dedicated physiotherapy consultation service and fully-equipped gyms you are guaranteed a comprehensive level of care.  At Claremont our experienced physiotherapists promise to provide you with the professional treatment and rehabilitation you need to make a full recovery.

With any sporting injury it is vital that you identify the underlying causes of injuries and how issues can be avoided in the future.  Whatever your sport, we can offer tailored advice, from warm-up tricks and training ideas to a full biomechanical assessment which evaluates the range of muscle strength and joint motion in lower limbs.

Our sports medicine specialists provide treatments for musculoskeletal conditions including:

• Knee injuries – anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair, tendonitis, bursitis, runner’s knee

• Shoulder injuries – rotator cuff disorders, shoulder instability, shoulder dislocation

• Muscle and soft tissue tears

• Ankle injuries – bursitis, achilles tendonitis

• Tendon and ligament injuries

• Elbow injuries – repetitive strain injury, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow

• Back injuries – slipped discs, spinal stenosis, strains and sprains

• Trauma – bone fractures

• Overuse injuries

Other services

• Consultation with a dedicated sports physiotherapist

• Gym areas with exercise equipment to assist rehabilitation

• On-site access to diagnostic tests, including ultrasound, X-ray, MRI and CT scans

• Experienced team of orthopaedic surgeons

• Therapeutic ultrasound for the treatment of sprains, strains and joint inflammation

Sports Injury and Medicine Consultants

    Sheffield Orthopaedic Ltd (SOL) BUPA Group Accreditation Scheme Consultants

    A full list of Sheffield Orthopaedic Ltd (SOL) BUPA Group Accreditation Scheme Consultants can be found here