Physio for Sports Injuries

Physical activity plays an important role in our daily lives so when an injury occurs it is only natural to want to get back on our feet as quickly as possible. There’s just never a good time to get hurt. Whether you’re training for a big event or simply working out to keep fit, suffering from an on-going sports injury or from chronic on-going niggles that just won’t go away, our physiotherapists will get to the root of the problem.

Our physiotherapists have years of practical experience and expertise in treating sports related injuries. They have helped many professional sportsmen and women go on to win medals and helped countless individuals from elite athletes to enthusiastic weekenders recover from injury.

Our experienced physiotherapists can help:

  • Assess and diagnose long-term problems
  • Determine the most appropriate management plan to guide you to the best possible recovery
  • Improve your health or performance.

As part of its range of services, we offer a specialist sports injuries clinic for immediate treatment of a wide range of exercise-related injuries. Sports injuries benefit from immediate treatment so that swelling and inflammation of soft tissues is minimised. The correct advice from the start ensures that no time is lost before rehabilitation begins. This means a quicker return to sport and less chance of re-injury.

Our specialist physiotherapists have post-graduate qualifications in treating sports injuries and work closely with the hospital’s specialist sports physicians and orthopaedic surgeons. The service is also supported by our Diagnostic Centre for MRI, CT scanning, ultrasound and x-ray.

Our sports injury clinic specialises in:
•    same day assessment
•    diagnostic tests
•    routine treatment of chronic and overuse injuries
•    treatment tailored to your individual needs
•    shockwave therapy
•    physiotherapist on-call during opening hours to give advice
•    advise on appropriate training methods and regimes
•    liaising with coaches/trainers where appropriate





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