Sheffield Orthopaedics Ltd (SOL) at Claremont first to sign up to BUPA Group Accreditation Scheme

Sheffield Orthopaedics Ltd (SOL) at Claremont Private Hospital are very pleased to announce that they are the first group in the UK to sign up to the BUPA Group Accreditation Scheme.

The criteria for the Group Accreditation Scheme focuses on

  • Structure
  • Level of Specialist Cover
  • Clinical Governance (Processes)
  • Complaints Management
  • Multi-Disciplinary Cover for Complex Procedures
  • Collection of Outcomes Information (clinical measures, patient satisfaction and PROMs both pre & post treatment)

BUPA recognised members of SOL will be promoted as ‘Accredited’ on the insurers private healthcare website directory, which gets over 70,000 visits per week from customers, doctors & the public.

This unique agreement highlights the commitment that BUPA, SOL and Claremont have in being pioneering organisations that lead the way in improving patient services, safety and satisfaction.

Mr Lee Breakwell, Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon with SOL said

‘Sheffield Orthopaedics Ltd and Claremont Private Hospital are proud to announce we have been recognised as a vanguard first accredited Surgical Group for BUPA members. This is welcome recognition of our expertise, efficiency and enhanced patient safety achieved through close teamwork at all levels. The new recognition serves to offer reassurance to BUPA members that their care under Sheffield Orthopaedics Ltd at Claremont will be delivered in a high quality, efficient, and safe environment.’

Sheffield Orthopaedics Ltd (SOL) are proud to be in partnership with Claremont Private Hospital. SOL are the largest independent orthopaedic and sports medicine providers in Yorkshire, Derbyshire and the East Midlands. Since 2004, they have seen over 90,000 new patients, and performed over 35,000 orthopaedic procedures. SOL have 25 specialist consultants with expertise in all aspects of musculo-skeletal surgery and medicine providing care for each area of the body from the neck to the little toe.







Date: 09/10/2018
By: technical
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