Specialist Anti-Reflux Service at Claremont Private Hospital and Trusted Healthcare Partners

Claremont Private Hospital and Trusted Healthcare Partners (THP) are delighted to be able to offer our Specialist Anti-Reflux Service.

Three of the leading regional anti-reflux surgeons are working together with Claremont and THP to offer this service to the local population. Mr Clive KeltyMr Andrew Wyman and Mr Anand Tamhankar are upper gastrointestinal surgeons who have great expertise and experience in all aspects of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease and the surgery which can be performed to help when indicated.

Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) is very common in Western society affecting 10-40% of the population. Symptoms commonly include

  • heartburn
  • pain in the upper abdomen (tummy)
  • regurgitation
  • belching
  • sometimes difficulties swallowing

Less commonly other symptoms occur such as

  • hoarse voice
  • chest pain
  • cough
  • recurrent sore throats

As a result of treating an increasing amount of reflux disease the medications used to treat this (such as omeprazole, lansoprazole and ranitidine) are some of the most widely used medications in the UK today. Unfortunately despite these treatments there is a significant rate of patients who either are not controlled with treatment or who relapse when treatment is stopped.

It is well recognized that in some patients the refluxing is caused by the valve (sphincter) above the stomach not working as well as it should to prevent acid stomach contents flowing back up the oesophagus (tube between mouth and stomach). Surgical treatments to correct this can be performed if tests confirm this is the case.

Surgery for reflux disease is usually performed as keyhole surgery, and usually involves a single night stay in hospital.

All our anti-reflux experts will be able to arrange tests for reflux disease where needed and can advise on the best forms of treatment, including surgery where indicated.

To see one of our experts please call our Private Patient Team on 0114 263 2114 or email

NHS patients can be seen too. Just ask your GP to search E-Referral (Choose & Book) for ‘Aspen/Claremont’

Date: 19/11/2018
By: technical
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