Steve Cummings wins National Road Championships double following complex shoulder surgery at Claremont

Steve Cummings – Professional Road Cyclist with Team Dimension Data

Pro cycling is becoming an increasing dangerous sport. A pro cyclist can expect to break at least one bone every three years. Recently Steve Cummings, team mate of Mark Cavendish with Team Dimension Data, did exactly that on stage four of the Tour of the Basque Country on April 6 2017.

Steve fractured his collarbone, scapula and sternum in the crash but then while recovering slipped on a wet floor and as a result required more complex surgery.

Mr David Potter from Sheffield Orthopaedics Ltd (SOL) was recommended to him by former British Cycling Doctor, Roger Palfreeman, as the orthopaedic surgeon for the job.

Steve flew back from Italy and within a few days the 2.5 hour complex operation successfully took place in Claremont Private Hospital, Sheffield performed by Mr Potter.

Steve commented ‘Mr Potter is a super nice guy, I totally trust him. His work is incredible; he is so talented, only a few people can carry out such complex surgery when so much could go wrong. He is so calm and professional, a true hero. All the staff at Claremont have been really nice and helpful. The room is super – everything is super. They have made me a comfortable as I can be and I am hoping to get back on my bike as soon as possible!’

Mr David Potter added ‘Steve’s fracture was very challenging and involved his left shoulder blade with the break extending into his shoulder joint with a big step in the socket. He was in a lot of pain when I first saw him in my clinic. I had to explain that if the fracture was left he would not be able to get back to professional cycling and he would probably develop arthritis. Steve and I agreed that the only course of action would be surgery to fix the break with a plate and screws. Fixing scapular fractures is recognised as one of the most challenging operations for shoulder specialists due to the bone being deep within the shoulder beneath some very important nerves and muscles. The operation was difficult as the break had already begun to heal and I had to almost re-break it. I had to use a camera I normally use for keyhole surgery to check that the step in the shoulder socket had been corrected. Although the surgery took several hours I was really pleased with the eventual result. I am confident that he will make a rapid recovery and be back cycling quickly. I am hopeful he will be fit enough to ride in the Tour De France in July although this would be a huge achievement for Steve considering the surgical challenge he has faced.’


National Road Championships 2017

In June 2017 – eight weeks since Steve’s surgery he became the first man in ten years to win the British National Road Race and Time Trial titles.

Steve said: “It was a really tough race, but that style of competition is what you miss when you haven’t been racing – it was punchy and explosive and there were so many efforts. I’m back now so we can forget about the injuries! It’s nice to be back doing what I do and looking forward to whatever is next. It’ll be nice to be at the Tour and to get stuck in.”

“Please say a big thank you to all the staff at Claremont and of course Mr Potter, on my behalf”. 

Everyone at Claremont wishes Steve all the best for the Tour de France 2017!



Date: 25/06/2017
By: technical