Limited Liability Partnership

Please note that this facility and the clinical services provided here is operated as a limited liability partnership between Aspen Healthcare and a group of Consultants.

Equity Interest:

A total of 13% of the business interests is owned as follows:

Mr Derek Bickerstaff trading as Ryecroft Medical Services Limited 0.87%
Mr Alan Gillespie 0.09%
Mr Peter Goodfellow trading as The Surgical Practice Limited 0.87%
Mr Simon Longstaff 0.17%
Mr Christopher Stoddard 0.17%
14 Consultants trading as Sheffield Orthopaedics Limited 10.87%

Valuation Methodology:

At the time of incorporation, the value of each 1% equity interest was valued using a specified valuation formula.

The formula was based upon the purchase price of Claremont Private Hospital, including the adjacent Convent buildings and land (acquired from previous owners in 2012), less a minority interest discount.